About Us

In Swerri, members join and grow together. In Swerri circles you can create a project to Earn, support each other to borrow and lend.

Swerri is a decentralized platform that enables one to buy, convert, Pay and send to phone or address. Further, on Swerri you can import a wallet a wallet or a token, Create a business wallet, receive and make business payments. The Swerri SWET token powers transactions within the Swerri ecosystem.


The Swerri team believes in the decentralized nature of financial transactions today and in the future. Our mission is to bring DeFi to the world.

Nick Mwendwa

Founder & CEO

Nick is an Enterpreneur and Tech enthusiast. He founded Riverbank Solutions Ltd, a Fintech solutions provider 13 years ago providing payment solutions and creating great teams that have delivered in the areas of financial inclusion, social protection programs and other verticals in the period of time.

He is passionate about crypto and the possibilities that DeFi presents to communities around the world. As the Founder of Swerri , Nick is at the forefront of Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi adoption with the bigger mission of bringing DeFi to the global population.

Lynda Ambiyo


Lynda is a business executive who is a stickler to processes and operations. As an operations lead for the last 7 years in the Fintech and payments space, she is tried, tested and experienced in starting and growing businesses. She is a growth specialist enthusiastic about Crypto and at Swerri she commands operations and customer success.

Robert Maoga


Robert is an alumni of Stanford SEED (EA) Cohort 2 and a Director at Riverbank Solutions Ltd. As a Co-founder, he has led teams in finance and brings along tremendous experience in startups and Fintech in the last 15 years especially in the area of business scaling to Swerri. He believes the change Crypto and DeFi is bringing to the world of finance is second to none.

Methuselah Ngetich


Methuselah is an accomplished engineer and developer of the highest calibre. As a Tech Lead for the past 13 years, Methuselah leads tech teams that are driven and result oriented in the fintech Space. He commands deep and wide wealth of knowledge in systems particularly blockchain, web 3.0 and tools that drive our solutions.

Hussein Ali


Hussein is a Serial Entrepreneur and regular commentator and contributor in Policy and Regulatory landscape in Tech across Africa and the world in general. What keeps Hussein busy full time these days is consulting on Digital Transformation and working on his latest startups in the Fintech and eSupply Chain Platform in the FMCG Sector.