Swerri Master

Mass adoption of crypto currencies will be critical for crypto to finally be mainstream. P2P transactions are on the rise and this will be critical in making it simple for anyone to acquire and transact in crypto while leveraging on the advantages of decentralized finance.

In Africa and Asia, there is already an existing Agent culture where banks and Mobile Money providers use Agents to bring their services closer to the people at a cost. This way, if one is an agent of the bank or a mobile money provider, then they are able to offer depositing and withdrawal services on behalf of the bank at a commission.

Swerri Master is an app which will enable anyone in the world to become a crypto agent. This means that anyone can buy and sell crypto.

Swerri master will enable agents to:

  1. Register as an agent.
  2. Buy Crypto.
  3. Have some FIAT (cash, mobile money, bank account).
  4. Facilitate buying and selling of crypto.
  5. Earn a fee from transactions.


Swerri master Members will be able to:

  1. Requests Crypto from Agent
  2. Enter amount (Request currency of the member’s country)
  3. App calculates (fees and crypto amount/what he will receive)
  4. The member sees the amount of crypto they will receive.
  5. Member Confirms


Swerri Masters will be able to:

  1. See the request.
  2. Confirm payment.
  3. Transfer crypto.
  4. Tabulates the amount, gas fees, transaction costs.
  5. Income /commission/ Network fees (To be calculated in the crypto that the agent is selling)
  6. Then disburses amount

Registration Process

Swerri Masters Registration process will be:

  1. Sign up with Agent Name (On will have to sign up on Swerri app)
  2. Swerri generates Agent Number (Six Digits)
  3. From Swerri app – prompt one to download the Swerri agent app