Swerri Circles

Swerri Circles enables a member to create a circle, a community , a DAO that comes together and makes contributions in a pool. Using these contributions, members of the circle can propose projects in DeFi with an aim to earn together. Such projects could be new cryptocurrencies, Auto-staking projects, Yield Farms, Nodes or any such project that has potential to grow.

In Swerri Circles, Members are also able to borrow and lend. Members can guarantee each other and allow each other to access credit that would otherwise not be possible. Members who support or guarantee others to borrow earn interest for the guarantee and for taking the risk which may lead to loss of their crypto.

Swerri Circles creates new opportunities, brings together members from anywhere in the world and allows them to grow together. Swerri circles introduces a new form of Social Engagement in Crypto. That is the power of Swerri Circles.