What is Swerri?

Swerri is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocol on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain which combines the power of DeFi in crypto and the functionalities of a decentralized exchange. Swerri App allows members to create a circle of friends and transact in crypto together. On Swerri a member can lend, borrow and earn from trading together. They can also buy, convert, Pay and send crypto.

Why Swerri?

Swerri will enable People who are Un-Banked and Under-Banked to access opportunities that could not be accessed before.

By simplifying the process of coming together, choosing projects, Contributing to earn, Accessing credit and Lending others.

Members can earn by having the Swerri app on their phone; they can access credit without Inter-Mediation in a trust-less and Permission-less manner while benefiting from the economics of scale created by the community.